New Sound: Mylets Channels NIN Passion on Soaring ‘Trembling Hands’

Mylets Sargent House

You like noise? You like badass sounds soaked in industrial rock goodness? You like supremely killer fucking record labels that only put out the good shit? Then welcome to Mylets, the latest artist debut from Sargent House. You’re gonna like this one. 

Mylets’ Henry Kohen is a man of the pedal, with NIN-level ’90s crunch rippling through modern tech along the way to kicking your ass through righteously good music. You don’t need his fucking life story. You need good sounds. After that, we can talk.

Here’s the opening track to his debut album Arizona, called “Trembling Hands”


Arizona comes out April 21 on Sargent House. Keep up with Mylets on his official site.