‘Left Shark’ was the Real MVP of the Super Bowl XLIX


Though the New England Patriots secured a victory in the Super Bowl XLIX over the Seattle Seahawks in what was a thrilling game, history will remember that the real MVP of the show was “Left Shark,” a mysterious figure who appeared onstage during Katy Perry’s halftime show. 

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While Perry’s performance went off more or less without a hitch, those watching at home couldn’t help but notice that there was one individual who wasn’t so thrilled by the grand spectacle of it all. Left Shark, with its unenthusiastic, out-of-sync dance moves promptly blew up Twitter, eclipsing the rest of Katy Perry’s set which included, among other things, a giant robotic lion.

Check out Left Shark in action below:

It’s difficult to not feel sympathy for Left Shark. While the fish was undoubtedly compensated well for his appearance at the sporting event, one of the Earth’s greatest predators playing second fiddle to a woman wearing a dress resembling a Twister mat could hardly have felt like a marvelous achievement. It must have also been frustrating seeing just how much effort Right Shark was putting into his act, flapping his fins about all for a predominantly human audience like a performing monkey. “We’re better than this,” Left Shark probably said to Right Shark before they took to the stage, deeply considering whether they should go all Jaws on the Super Bowl’s attendees. 

Alas, they never, and Perry continued warbling whilst surrounded by a set resembling a glorious trip on hallucinogens, while Tom Brady was awarded his third Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award.

But we know the truth:


Header image: Getty Images