FFXIV’s Gold Saucer, Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad Unveiled, Arriving February 24th


The latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter From the Producer focused on what has remained the most anticipated addition to the game: the Gold Saucer. Its video debut in December was extremely popular with FFXIV and Final Fantasy fans alike, and now it’s just weeks away from its addition to the game.

What we learned today is that Manderville Gold Saucer will feature eight fun things to do upon its arrival, with four in particular that have a lot of replayability. The activities are as follows.

Cactpot: Two lottery variations. One is Cactpot with Jumbo Cactpot, which allows you to purchase one lottery ticket per week for big prize opportunities. The other is Mini Cactpot, which is daily. Below is a look at a bunny outfit you can receive as a reward.


Chocobo Racing: Raise and race your chocobo against other players. Your chocobo will level up, and even potentially earn new abilities as it improves. You will need to carefully manage the stamina of the chocobo during races to win similar to Final Fantasy VII. Speaking of Final Fantasy VII, the music heard while racing will be thee same in FFXIV‘s iteration.


Crystal Tower Strikers: A small timing-based mini-game.


Cuff-A-Cur: A small timing-based mini-game.


Gold Saucer Active Time Events (G.A.T.E.): Random F.A.T.E. style events that range from obstacle courses to foot races.


Monster Toss: A small timing-based mini-game.


The Moogle’s Paw: A small timing-based mini-game.


Triple Triad: A card game derived from Final Fantasy VIII. There will be a variety of rules to select before the match begins, including random, sudden death, reverse, open all, and more. 80 cards will be available at launch. They can be obtained through Gold Saucer coins, as drops from dungeons, and through other means. More cards will be added later.


The full Letter From the Producer Live can be seen at the bottom of this page, which includes gameplay for each of these activities.

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FFXIV‘s Manderville Gold Saucer will be included in Patch 2.51, which is scheduled to release on February 24th.