Blizzard Executives Reportedly Think Heroes of the Storm Will Be a Failure


Blizzard executives reportedly don’t have high hopes for the developer’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm, with a report suggesting that many of the company’s staff are expected to be laid off following its release to recuperate its losses.

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According to contributor Tae Kim of Yahoo Finance, an Activision Blizzard insider released a huge batch of information regarding a number of games Blizzard has in the pipeline, along with details regarding its current games on the market. Along with claiming that Blizzard is now actively working on a 2v2 mode on Hearthstone and that the online trading card game has pulled in numbers that are “off the charts,” the unnamed source then went on to say how Heroes of the Storm could have a detrimental impact upon the company following its release.


The insider also claimed that the next Starcraft 2 game was “ready to go.”

According to the source, executives have “low expectations” when it comes to the multiplayer online battle arena game, with it allegedly being touted as a release that will see the company facing losses. Insider information such as this should always be treated with suspicion, and considering Blizzard’s long-standing tradition of providing great support to their games following their release, even if the game does launch to a muted response that doesn’t necessarily mean its star won’t rise after its debut.

Other alleged info revealed by the insider included the claim that the next Starcraft 2 game is “already done and ready to go,” with its window of launch expected to be between April and June, while the team behind Diablo III has allegedly moved to a new project set within the Starcraft universe that will incorporate elements from Left 4 Dead, DayZ and Smite. According to Tae Kim, when Blizzard was reached for comment they did not confirm that this was the case, instead claiming that the Diablo III team was only working on releasing further patches for the game following the release of its Ultimate Evil Edition.