The Brit Awards Are Conspiring Against Rock and Roll, According to Kasabian


Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno is feeling a little embittered that his band didn’t receive any nominations from the thoroughly redundant Brit Awards, with him claiming that the show is a conspiracy to “shut rock and roll out”, rather than the dull but innocuous celebration of the blandest elements of pop culture that it really is.

Serge revealed that he was offended that his band wasn’t up for any awards at the ceremony despite releasing new album 48:13 and headlining Glastonbury, with him telling the Independent: “It’s a conspiracy. They’re trying to shut rock n’ roll out of [the Brits].”

He continued: “What sort of message does that send to working class rock ‘n’ roll bands which the industry is in dire need of? Kasabian couldn’t have done any more last year. It’s bullshit really. It’s way more exciting to be playing the Baftas than the Brits.”

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The list of Brit Awards nominees were recently revealed, with the likes of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran leading the line-up. Serge’s comments echo those of the Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner, who took to the stage during the last Brit Awards ceremony to deliver an immensely awkward speech about rock and roll never dying. At least Serge won’t be there to deliver a sequel to it.

Kasabian will be performing at the Baftas on February 8th, with the guitarist/songwriter branding it a “huge honour”.

Photo: Getty Images