Mortal Kombat X Reptile Brings Acid Spit to Reveal Trailer

Today’s newly confirmed character for Mortal Kombat X is Reptile. While not a particularly surprising reveal, it is one that many fans of the franchise are happy about.

Reptile has been a mainstay in the series since its inception. He was one of the last fighters to be added into Mortal Kombat (1992), bearing a resemblance to Scorpion and Sub-Zero with ninja garbs. However, he wasn’t playable. Instead he was one of a few fighters that only the CPU could control. That would be changed in subsequent releases.

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Since his debut, Reptile has remained one of the most played fighters in Mortal Kombat. He is considered relatively easy to play with basic combos and a more “jack of all trades” style of play. This, combined with his violent reptilian attacks, has made him one of the most requested unannounced fighters for Mortal Kombat X.

The reveal trailer for Reptile (seen above) shows many of his attacks, which are flashier than ever before. As with previous iterations, Reptile loves to employ his acid spit and quick reflexes. His default skin shows off his reptilian attributes, but presumably there will be an unlockable ninja garb to give him the classic flavor that fans look for.