Final Fantasy XV Features an Open World You Can Explore via Car, Train or Foot


Final Fantasy XV looks set to be a truly huge game, as Square Enix has now revealed that it will be set on one gigantic land mass, meaning that all areas in the game you can explore will be connected.

The decision to go this route with the next iteration in the series is to give players a sense of continuity between each area, making its world feel less divided. Players can venture through this new world via foot, train or car, fitting in with the road trip theme the game’s debut trailer hinted towards.

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Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Final Fantasy XV‘s director Hajime Tabata said: “The towns and the cultural references that you see throughout the world, you’ll get a sense of realistic towns and cultures. That’s one aspect that has remained since the title was first named Versus XIII.”

He continued: “The world is connected by continuous land. If those areas were disconnected, it would feel distant from reality. You’ll find that you’ll be able to walk or drive or take a train and travel through this world seamlessly. I feel you’ll be able to experience something similar to a real trip.”


Did someone say “road trip?”

These comments make the JRPG sound like a far cry from the linearity of Final Fantasy XIII, which was widely criticized for the first ten chapters in the game taking place in an endless barrage of “corridors,” limiting the freedom of players for multiple hours.

Bringing an open world format to the series could be the breath of fresh air the franchise needs. With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn removing the bad tastes from the mouths who played the MMO in its original incarnation, maybe Final Fantasy XV can do the same for those who played XIII?