Phil Spencer Wears Battletoads Shirt to Windows 10 Briefing, Could Be Rare’s Next Game


There have been rumblings that Microsoft is looking to bring back some iconic and notable IPs. While an Xbox One Age of Empires appears to be all but confirmed, there’s another game in production that is equally if not more exciting.

Microsoft is currently in the middle of its Windows 10 Media Briefing, and as expected Xbox Head Phil Spencer made an appearance. What is raising discussion among gamers isn’t anything he said, but rather what he wore.


Battletoads Logo

Seen above, Spencer wore a t-shirt under his sweater that bears a logo, one that is familiar. Upon second look, it’s the Battletoads logo, the same as it’s been for more than 23 years.

Coincidentally, Microsoft owned studio Rare is the team responsible for crafting the universe, making this a subtle confirmation that a new Battletoads is in development, presumably for the Xbox One.

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Battletoads is a franchise featuring three toads who look to save the world from the evil doings of enemies like the Dark Queen. The original release was extremely well received, in-part due to its progressive visuals. Most remember it for its punishing difficulty which gave those who were able to complete it bragging rights.

Spencer shared on his Twitter account that he recently spent some time at Rare’s studio and saw a game which he said is “uniquely rare”. The unannounced game’s composer, Robin Beanland, went as far as to say that the game will make 2015 a “huge year“.

Rare has been stuck making Kinect-based games for the past few years (i.e. Kinect Sports), which is a far cry from its trend-setting releases of the 90’s. Though, with Xbox’s new vision headed by Spencer, it may finally be given the freedom it needs to make a game that will define it as a premier game developer. Hopefully that begins with Battletoads.