Alien: Isolation Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold Despite Unconventional Traits


Alien: Isolation was considered surprisingly good when it debuted last year. Prior to its release, there had never been a positively received Alien title. Developer The Creative Assembly has been rewarded accordingly.

The official Alien: Isolation Twitter account has confirmed that the game has broken the one million units sold mark, sharing:

It’s a great day. A huge thank you to all who helped us reach this fantastic number!

In the gaming industry one million units sold is considered a huge milestone that equates to a high-budget AAA game breaking even. In other words, the game is already profitable less than six months after release.

Alien: Isolation was a game that didn’t take many cues from modern games. Its save system was punishing, its gameplay was simple, but in the end many believe it succeeded in re-creating the atmosphere and tension of the first Alien film in video game form. For that, it has gained popularity in Alien and horror circles alike.

Because of its design, reception was all over the place. Many players found it far to frustrating and unrewarding to play to completion, while many who were willing to invest themselves in the game and take it slow, respecting the Alien’s A.I. along the journey, were treated to what many considered to be the best horror game of 2014. Our resident Associate Gaming Editor Paul Tamburro voted it as his second favorite game of 2014, for example.

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Ultimately, the financial success of Alien: Isolation is important. Yes, it belongs to a big IP, and yes it had a sound marketing strategy, but it was a game that broke away from norms and had a Metascore of around 79. Even then, it was able to triumph. In other words, developers don’t necessarily have to make games that adhere to mainstream expectations to succeed.

The question is, what will follow Alien: Isolation? [SPOILER] It’s cliffhanger ending hinted at a sequel, [/SPOILER] and now that we know Alien: Isolation was financially viable Sega must be pushing for a second installment. We would be shocked if a second game isn’t announced in the near future.