The Elder Scrolls Online to Hit PS4 & Xbox One on June 9th, Goes “Free to Play”

After nearly a year’s worth of delay, The Elder Scrolls Online now has a target release date for its console versions. That date is June 9th, and it brings along with it more than just new platforms to play on.

In addition to the announcement, Bethesda has revealed a new version of the game, dubbed Tamriel Unlimited. Purchase of this package will grant players access to the game indefinitely without needing to pay the previously mandated $14,99/month subscription fee. There will be a version of the package for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


For current players, you need not worry. Your account will be automatically upgraded to Tamriel Unlimited in March. Though, until then you’ll need to continue to pay the monthly fee.

In order to monetize the game post-purchase, Bethesda has designed an optional ESO Plus package that provides a range of premium bonuses. One of these bonuses will be a monthly allotment of the game’s new micro-transaction currency, which is used to acquire items from its in-game market. It will be offered as a monthly subscription.

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The Elder Scrolls Online debuted to middling reviews last year. On one hand it was praised for its great storytelling and sense of exploration, it was criticized for missing many of the qualities that have become standard for an Elder Scrolls game. It’s struggled to retain players, resulting in deserted environments and player difficulty in establishing parties for group content. Bethesda hopes that its release on consoles will give it a surge of new players.

A trailer has been released to celebrate today’s news, which can be seen above.