We Wasn’t Expecting This: David De Gea Goes to a Slipknot Gig, Calls it “Amazing”


You may not think that a footballer attending a live music performance is particularly newsworthy, but consider this: by and large, footballers are the dullest people in the universe. This isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s a fact.

When you’ve got Wayne Rooney buddying up with the musical equivalent of the colour beige Ed Sheeran, and their respective dress senses each look like the wardrobe of a 20-year-old after just discovering ASOS, it’s clear that these are very, very dull multi-millionaires. 

So when Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea sends out a tweet of him attending a Slipknot concert, consider me a little suprised. It’s not that a liking of the heavy metal band instantly makes a man more interesting – I’ve certainly met some Slipknot fans in my time who are complete dullards – but it’s so unusual for a footballer to have any interests that are remotely dissimilar from that of his teammates. That’s why people loved to talk about Mario Balotelli during his first run at Manchester City, because he didn’t seem like he was made in the same factory as the rest of ’em.


Now the Spaniard may very well be a thoroughly uninteresting human being, but I for one am happy with hearing a story about a footballer’s music tastes that aren’t limited to them listening to a singer/songwriter playlist on Spotify. 

De Gea attended the gig at the Manchester Arena, as part of Slipknot and Korn’s Prepare for Hell tour. 

Photo: Getty Images