Gumtree Is Making Life Difficult For Australian Scalpers


Gumtree Australia is now making it even more difficult for Australians to indulge in ticket scalping, by removing the option to post “Ticket Wanted” ads on the popular local classifieds site.

Gumtree’s “wanted” advertisements were an easy way for hopeful punters to tell the world they were ready to exchange cash for tickets to gigs and events around the country. Now, the website is making these punters scroll through ticket sales pages, or, as some have done, post a “wanted” ad in the “for sale” section.

Gumtree has explained its actions with a post on its website. “We’ve decided to remove this option as feedback from our community revealed that it was causing confusion and frustration whilst they were trying to locate tickets,” Gumtree said. “There have also been instances where ticket scalpers and scammers were targeting people looking for tickets.”

It’s clear that while Gumtree is prepared to make the scalping process even more tedious in the middle of festival season, it’s also attempting to protect ticket resellers and purchasers from getting involved in any dodgy deals.

“Since [looking for tickets] is an exciting moment in the buying experience especially for concert goers – scalpers were targeting vulnerable buyers and not delivering on the promise. In the hope of reducing the bad experience that you might experience in the ticket buying process we’ve decided to remove the ‘wanted’ ticket option,” Gumtree said.

The site also reminded its users that they can look for tickets by searching in the tickets category.

According to Tone Deaf, Gumtree are removing any posts in the “for sale” section which appear to be “wanted” posts masked as potential sale items.

Exceedingly greedy ticket scalpers continue to plague the Australian music industry, with tickets to the Rolling Stones’ latest Australian tour being resold for thousands of dollars online.

Scalpers have also helped crash ticket sites during festival season, such as during Splendour In The Grass’s initial sales period last year, and have led both licensed ticket sellers and lawmakers to introduce anti-scalping mechanisms.

If you’re unsure of how to best protect yourself when purchasing or selling tickets online, visit Gumtree’s Staying Safe guide.