Thunderbirds are NO: New Show Replaces Puppets with CGI


ITV is set to reboot the classic ’60s childrens’ show Thunderbirds for a brand new audience, and have therefore decided that the puppetry techniques used in the original series are far too dated, instead opting for – gulp – digitally enhanced versions of the Tracy brothers.

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The above image, the first released from the upcoming series, indicates the CGI direction the kids sci-fi show will be going in, and fans of the original series certainly have a right to be offended over the newly chiseled, computer animated direction the show is going in.

For those unfamiliar with the original Thunderbirds TV series, check out its iconic intro below:

The new show, titled Thunderbirds Are Go! will see Tracy brothers Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon, and Alan all returning, along with  Brains, Lady Penelope and Parker, Grandma Tracy and the villainous The Hood. A new female character, Kayo, will also be introduced.

The show has been picked up for two seasons, each featuring 26 episodes. Rosamund Pike, Kayvan Novak and Thomas Brodie-Sangster will all provide voice-over work, while David Parker, the original voice of chauffeur Parker, will be reprising his role. The show is being produced by ITV Studios in collaboration with Pukeko Pictures, while Weta Workshop, who worked on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, will be providing the special effects.