Driveclub’s New Track is Set in Japan, and it’s Awesome

Later this month a new track will be added to Driveclub. Called Nakasendo, it’s set in Japan, and it looks to add variety to the game’s track list.

Nakasendo is a point-to-point race set in the mountains. There are high-speed straights, and plenty of open angles to pass opponents. Its environment is laden with Japanese inspiration, with familiar structures, cherry blossoms, and signs in Japanese language. Some sections are reminiscent of Gran Turismo‘s Trial Mountain Circuit, which is a favorite among racing game fans. Best of all, it’ll be added to the game for free.

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You might notice while watching the video above that a new car is featured, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. It’ll be the first American car to be added to the game in an upcoming expansion pack.

When Driveclub arrived last year it was devoid of content, and had significant server problem. Since then, Evolution Studios has worked day and night in an effort to realize its vision. Now, it has a Photo Mode, new cars, weather, and more, most of which has been added free of cost (some cars are DLC). So, if you haven’t touched the game in a while, or have been hesitant to give it a try due to its initially middling reception (read our review), you may want to give it another look.