Interview: Priory Talk New Album, Modern Manhood & More

Priory Crave Interview 

You’re already familiar with Portland duo Priory, even if you don’t know it yet. The “Weekend” hitmakers have conquered modern rock charts and locked their melodies in the minds of anyone within earshot of the radio dial.

Far more than a one-hit dismissal, Priory are gearing up for their major-debut full-length LP on Warner Bros this March, having recorded and produced the record themselves at their home studio, mixed with Spike Stent (Massive Attack, Bjork, Oasis) in London. Several high-profile appearances will buoy the release this year, including scheduled appearances at this year’s Governors Ball as well as the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival (get ready for those glow-in-the-dark onesies!). 

We met up with the duo of Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears on a gorgeous day in Santa Monica at The Craftsman, a spectacular local bar with legendary sliders (trust us, try them). There we discussed the new Priory album and their upcoming plans for 2015, as well as the evolving definition of manhood in today’s world, and what the modern man does to define and present himself in a society where the old-standard rules are out the window. 

Check back next week for a second installment of our convo with Priory, where we explore the intricacies of American whiskey.

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Thanks again to The Craftsman!