WTF?! Someone is Selling Kurt Cobain Suicide Note T-Shirts

Cobain suicide shirts

Someone is selling both baseball tees and tank tops emblazoned with a print of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s handwritten suicide note. The tank tops were originally available on Etsy, but after the online retailer came under fire, they were removed. Now the shirts have popped up on eBay for just $25.19, and though the bidding has ended, the cheap mucosal grime of vapid exploitation remains.

Leave it to the vampires of pop culture to find a way to take iconic tragedy and turn it into a product. At least now the rest of us can clearly see who the assholes of fashion are. We’ll go ahead and (safely) assume that if a person is wearing one of these shirts, they’ve not only been shielded from any genuine tragedy in life, but are the kind of doucheball idiot who killed little animals while watching those horrible Bumfights videos back in the day.

The seller is a resident of Thailand that goes by the handle Nuchyk, and as if there were any question, they are careful to point out that the shirts are “not official” and “made by me.” So no, Dave Grohl isn’t cashing in on this one.