Minecraft Creator Notch Held a Housewarming Party in his $70 Million Mansion


When news circulated that Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Perrson had purchased a $70 million mansion in Beverley Hills, beating the likes of power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z’s own bid for the property, we were a little stunned. Sure, we knew that Minecraft was wildly popular, but we’d never really exchanged that popularity into a monetary value in our heads. It transpires that its value is very, very high, so much so that Notch could afford to purchase the priciest home in one of the most sought-after property markets in the US.

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With a new home comes a housewarming party, and Notch’s didn’t appear to disappoint. Images published of the Mojang founder’s party online show the likes of Selena Gomez (we’d love to know how these two know each other) enjoying themselves in the developer’s mansion, with them also offering a few glimpses at his car collection, a large Transformer model, some James Bond memorabilia and a collection of guns.

Here’s a video of what the mansion looks like:


Check out a few of the images of the party, courtesy of Rukes.com, below: