Forza 6 Wish List: What One Forza Fan Wants to See From the Next Release


A new Forza Motorsport is on the horizon. Turn 10 Studios announced yesterday that it’s working hard on Forza Motorsport 6, and it came as quite the surprise.

At this point all we know about Forza 6 is that it will be the first racing game to include the newly announced Ford performance line, including the Ford GT, Shelby GT 350 Mustang, and F-150 Raptor. But we also know that a lot of feedback was given after the launch of Forza 5, so Turn 10 has a ton of material to work with when it comes to improving the series.

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As a fan of the Forza franchise I have high hopes for the next game. There are a few things I would like to see added and improved, 10 of which you can read about in the gallery below.