Cristiano Ronaldo’s Embarrassing Roar at Ballon d’Or 2014 Goes Viral


Cristiano Ronaldo concluded his acceptance speech at the Ballon d’Or awards yesterday with a rather unusual sound.

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After being named the Footballer of the Year for the second year in the row, beating the likes of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, Ronaldo took to the stage to accept the award, but not before leaving the crowd with a little parting message.


There was one person in attendance who wasn’t impressed with Ronaldo’s mating call, though, as Thierry Henry seemed rather ambivalent in regards to the Real Madrid star’s bellowing.


Ronaldo snagged the Ballon d’Or with a whopping 37.66% of all votes, beating runner-up Lionel Messi who garnered 15.76% of the votes. Neuer sat in third place with 15.72%.

Speaking of his victory, Ronaldo said: : “I would like to thank all of those who voted for me, my president, my coach and Real Madrid. It has been an unforgettable year. To win this trophy at the end of it is something incredibly unique.”

Watch his full acceptance speech below: 

Photos: Getty Images