Messi Says Rumours Suggesting He’s Leaving Barcelona are “Lies”


Messi has hit out at rumours that he is leaving Barcelona, branding them “lies”.

The star striker has claimed that he will not be leaving the club, despite reports stating that he was in talks with various clubs, including a few Premier League teams. Though there has been talk surrounding a potential disagreement with Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, the 27-year-old has been keen to dismiss them, saying: “I don’t demand anything for me to stay because I have no intention of leaving anywhere.

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“I’ve heard stories I’ve spoken to Chelsea or City, that’s all lies. I have taken this chance to deny it so that everyone knows the truth. I am grateful to be able to give my version of events.”

What made the rumours more likely was that they emanated from Barcelona news sources, which Messi also discussed, continuing: “It hurts me because it comes from here, from Barcelona, from people that love the club, or say they do. It doesn’t come from Madrid like it has in the past. It is not good that they look for rivalry between Luis Enrique and I because there isn’t any,”

“I’ve heard so many things. There have been things said in the past that I have bad relationships with (Pep) Guardiola, (Samuel) Eto’o, Bojan, Ibra (Zlatan Ibrahimovic), that’s not true. I never asked for them to get rid of the coach or anybody. That’s not true, I would never do that.

“More than ever we have to be united. They try to make out that I run the club, I’m just another player in the squad like my team-mates. I don’t make decisions, I don’t want to make decisions.”

Messi helped Barcelona defeat La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid with a characteristically fantastic performance, scoring his first goal in eight games against the league leaders.

Photo: Getty Images