These Are the Most Popular Weapons in Destiny According to Bungie


If you’re a fan of Destiny, you’re likely well acquainted with the hunt for gear and weapons at this point. Although the game’s resemblance to an MMOFPS has been hotly debated, its concentration on a seemingly neverending gear grind has produced a level of addiction usually only seen by the MMO genre. Players have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours killing enemies for upgrades, and in some cases have done the same thing over and over again in hopes that they can acquire a rare item.

Weapons in particular are a highlight of the journey in Destiny. They serve as the means of interaction, or more specifically obliteration, with the game’s enemy population, and the tool by which to earn even more weapons. So you may have wondered at one point or another what the most popular weapons are. While previously the answer to that question would be left up to pure observation, Bungie has answered the question accurately in a brand new infographic using server-side statistics.

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This new infographic shows the 10 hottest weapons used by level 20+ players during the past 14 days. It’s broken down by primary, special, and heavy to give as much representation as possible. Check it out below, and then let us know which weapons you like to use.