Childish Gambino is a High-as-Hell Cassanova in ‘Sober’ Video


Donald Glover is faded on a ridiculous level in the latest Childish Gambino video, shot at a lonely diner in the middle of nowhere. It’s a chilly night in the city, and while at first the singer and rapper slouches in a booth miming lyrical moves to a beautiful but aloof woman at a nearby table. 

As the sexy slow-jam “Sober” plays in the restaurant, he gives her a not to confirm that yes, he is very, very high. Then he drops into some Michael-level dance oddity before going full goof, which eventually wins over the hottie in the letter jacket.

Just as it starts snowing outside. 

We won’t spoil the sad ending. ”Sober” is from Childish Gambino’s much slept-on EP Kauai, released last October