Evolve Goes Gold, Releases Intro Cinematic Trailer

Evolve might have a release date of February 10th, but it’s already gone gold. 2K Games has announced that the game’s lengthy development cycle has come to an end, and games will be manufactured within short order. While this might come across as not meaning much, going gold at least a month ahead of release usually signifies that a game has been polished properly. Its timeliness can be owed in-part to its delay from an initial release window of late 2014.

To gear up for Evolve‘s release, its introduction cinematic has been debuted. This is a full CGI video that shows what Turtle Rock Studios is aiming for: an adrenaline-pumping competitive online game. Its beta certainly hit the mark, quickly becoming one of the most streamed games on Twitch and a reason for anxiety for both Hunters and Monsters alike.

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The trailer offers a good look at the Goliath, one of four monsters that will be available in February. The Goliath is an intimidating bi-pedal creature capable of throwing rocks, charging, leaping, and breathing fire. It was the first monster revealed for Evolve, and also the one immediately available during beta. Check out the trailer above.

Evolve will debut on February 10th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.