Brody Dalle Slams Macy’s for Unauthorized Image Use


Iron-throated singer/songwriter Brody Dalle has taken aim at retail giant Macy’s over the unauthorized use of her likeness in a new ad campaign. The formerly-mohawked frontwoman for Spinnerette and The Distillers posted a photo on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, with the following seething message: “Here I am selling @Macys crappy fashion rocks campaign without being asked. @Macy’s doesn’t ask they just STEAL.”

Brody Dalle Macys

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Much like their efforts to co-opt the “grunge” movement of the 90s by draping mannequins in flannel and corduroy jackets, Macys is pushing their “Fashion Rocks” campaign as punk chic lathered in the shimmering mucosal sheen of bratty Hollywood rich kids. If the Blossom-meets-cat-lady outfit on the pictured mannequin is any indication, Macys certainly seems to have a different impression of what “rocks” than the rest of us.

Any woman in rock can snarl and growl behind dark makeup, ripped clothes and tattoos. Posturing has become its own art form, and when everybody wants to rule the world without putting in the time to build their empire, we find ourselves drowning in a sea of zirconium tiaras. But the color runs quickly in those selfie-pimping circles. Brody’s authenticity in an industry of myna-bird mimicry and cuckolding swine makes the alleged Macy’s offense that much more grating, given their kaleidoscopic options of more willing subjects of potential exploitation.

Meanwhile, Brody is enjoying a much-deserved break from touring after last year’s successful run in support of her killer Diploid Love record, alongside husband Josh Homme and family. Here’s hoping we see her tearing up stages in 2015.