PlayStation Network is Offline Once Again For Many Users


Reports this morning has indicated that many users are experiencing problems with the PlayStation Network for PS4 and PS3, after the service was taken down over the Christmas period.

Sony addressed the issue, saying that they acknowledged that the online service was experiencing some issues. A statement made on the official PlayStation Twitter account reads:  “We’re aware that some players are seeing drops on PSN. Engineers are on the case and investigating.”

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It’s not yet been confirmed just how widespread this issue is, but if you’re experiencing any problems with online multiplayer, the PlayStation Store or any other features associated with PSN, then rest assured you’re not alone.

PSN was previously taken down on Christmas Day following a DDoS attack by hacking group Lizard Squad, who also launched a similar attack on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. The cause of this outage is unknown, and Sony hasn’t assured its users when it will be back in working order.

The Christmas DDoS attack infuriated both new and old PS Plus subscribers alike, with everyone unable to jump online with their new console. Despite some stability problems, PSN eventually made its way back online after its outage lasted for several days.