Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is Already On Its Way


Five Nights at Freddy‘s has proven to be a surprisingly popular PC game since its release in 2014, with its developer Scott Cawthon quickly following up on its success with a sequel only mere months following the initial game’s release. Now it has been announced that Freddy and the gang are back, ready to make YouTubers everywhere scream with their creepy animatronic faces.

A rumor that the game was in production was started when the image on the developer’s site had the file name fnaf3.jpg. This rumor was then confirmed due to Scott’s email address currently sending out the auto-response: “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is in production! Please do not email me asking any questions about it; NO questions about FNaF3 will be read or answered!”


An auto-reply email isn’t exactly the most exciting way for a game to be announced, but at the rate Scott is churning out new entries in this horror series it’s a surprise he has time to eat, sleep or breathe, let alone conduct an elaborate P.T.-esque unveiling for Freddy’s next scary outing.

The first two games were perfect fodder for YouTube content creators, basing themselves upon a simple yet inherently terrifying premise, then combining that with a challenging level of difficulty that saw everyone from Pewdiepie to Game Grumps jump on the trend. The games have proven to be huge hits on Steam, earning Scott a substantial profit and leading to him continuing to milk the series for all it’s worth. Good on him, I say.

There’s no word on when Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 will be released, but considering it only took Scott between the months of August and November to complete the second entry in the series, expect it to arrive sooner rather than later.