Video Premiere: Smacktown ‘Chelsea Grin’ feat Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner & AntiMatter

Slicing up aggressive EDM with a more hardcore hip-hop element, Smacktown deliver spitfire sociopolitical insight with a daunting live presence. Featuring Jarren Benton (Funk Volume) & Jeff Turner and from the land down under AntiMatter (of Devastator) & Matuse, “Chelsea Grin” delivers a metaphorical stance against religious organizations and corporate greed. The modern revolutionaries in the video, represented by those in the vendetta masks, give our political, corporate, and religious characters a taste of their own medicine – money.  

Smacktown Cover Front CD PRINT

Taking the phrase “putting your money where your mouth is” to a whole new level (look up the brutally disturbing definition of a Chelsea Grin, if you’re still confused), the new video is available for viewing now, exclusively on Crave:

Tearing up the underground rap scene in Australia since 2007, Smacktown took true flight with their first two EP’s Warning (2010) and $laves (2012), and the group are following up with the Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP. Featuring nine tracks, the EP was recently released via Fight Music! and features a unique hybridization of influence and style. 

Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP tracklisting:

1. Fight II

2. Pure Evil ft. Laura K-Waters

3. Powerless

4. Final Storm ft. Mirrah, Jah Tung

5. Bite Your Face

6. Chelsea Grin ft. M.Sith

7. Beast Mode ft. Empress MC

8. Chelsea Grin (Remix) ft. AntiMatter, Matuse, Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner, M.Sith

9. Chelsea Grin (Belzebass Remix)


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