Lights Releases New Album Little Machines


Lights, who hails from Timmins, Ontario, recently released her latest album Little Machines following much controversy between she and her American record label.

The artist, born Valerie Anne Poxleitner,  told The Canadian Press recently, “If the label doesn’t have a song… then it’s not worth their time. There wasn’t one single song that a record label wanted to take hold of, so it was: ‘This is your body of work. Good luck. Do it yourself.’ And that’s what we did.”

Lights, who was signed at just 15 years old, won the Juno Award for New Artist of the Year in 2009 following the release of her debut studio album, The Listening. She followed that up with Siberia in 2011.

“It was like, all right, I’ve gotta create something that I love that Warner loves,” she said in the same interview. “That’s more people that have to be happy here. So that was part of the consciousness going into it. And maybe part of the struggle, too, was making something that’s good enough for them to put their power behind. Because once they get behind something, you’ve got a lot of traction, but if they don’t, it’s the opposite, right?”

Little Machines was released on September 19th.

Photo: Lights