Soundcheck: Samson MediaOne BT3 Speakers Review

Sound quality is everything when it comes to buying new speakers, and whether you’re developing home studio skills or simply need some new sound sources for gaming, music and more when heading back to school, the variety of options is staggering. So where’s the middleground? If you’re looking for solidly impressive, reliable audio that won’t break the bank, Samson’s MediaOne BT3 speakers are definitely worth consideration for music lovers, gamers or aspiring audio mixers.

Featuring three models and reasonable accompanying prices – MediaOne BT3 ($99), MediaOne BT4 ($149) and MediaOne BT5 ($199) – these studio monitors are the latest products from Samson that feature the ability to wirelessly connect to music sources via Bluetooth. If the word “Bluetooth” hits irrational fear triggers as images of earpiece-wearing dorks circa 2006 dance through your head, there’s a standard wired option connecting the speakers as well.

For the Bluetooth friendly, the BT3s let you link your phone, laptop or tablet wirelessly, for perfect sound placement in your space without a web of wires throughout the room. For gamers, it’s the perfect range of quality at a rational price, while entry-level studio tinkerers will be served well in tracking, editing or playing back a project. The mids and highs are strong and detailed, and while the speakers leave a little to be desired in the deep bass sound, unless you’re looking to shatter the windows in your house and rattle everything off the shelves you’re not going to be disappointed.


Though ambitious in both sound and style, the speakers house just a 3-inch woofer on each, delivering a controlled low frequency response, and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter with 30 watts per side. Front panel level control with headphone/stereo inputs puts the action in the front, so you’re not meddling with unnecessary blind-spot wiring when it’s time for action. The 3.5mm stereo input can be used to connect secondary signal sources as well, such as iPods, keyboards and more.

Dynamic and reliable audio is always the goal, and within the mid-range pricing spectrum the MediaOne BT3 monitors feature the highest quality components possible. 

For more information and to pick up a set of MediaOne BT3s, head to Samson Tech’s official page.