inFamous First Light is 4-5 Hours Long, Has Improved Photo Mode and Platinum Trophy


We have just received our press kit for inFamous First Light, and have learned a little more about the game.

For one, First Light is advertised as having “4-5 hours of story campaign”. This content will let you assume control of Abigail “Fetch” Walker during emotionally challenging events prior to the inFamous: Second Son story. As a master of Neon powers, she will have some powerful weaponry to use against the opposition.

Although the story length is quite impressive for the price, which is $14.99, there’s more to the package than that, it has “hours of replayable arena combat”, which are essentially focused side missions that you compete for leaderboard space with. It’s not online multiplayer, but it’s the next best thing.

Sony’s Official inFamous First Light Facts

For those wondering, First Light‘s Photo Mode sports improvements to what was added to Second Son post-launch. It has “included three new filters and the ability to adjust the opacity of the filters.” If you like sharing screenshots, First Light will be a treat.

What may surprise you most is that even though First Light doesn’t require a copy of Second Son, there’s a platinum trophy to be earned. Sony wouldn’t allow that unless there was a good handful of content, so you can expect to see some great value from First Light.

inFamous First Light will be available on August 26th as a digital purchase.