A Walkthrough for Completing P.T., Also Known as the Silent Hills Demo


Since P.T. (Silent Hills demo) was released on the PlayStation Store yesterday, it’s been the target of widespread discussion.  Not only is it extremely frightening, but it’s designed in such a way that progress is stunted by obscure puzzles. But that’s no match for the gaming collective.

Below you’ll find some concise steps to help you get from the beginning to the end of P.T. Skip to step 9 if you’re stuck on the infamous section that everyone has been trying to figure out for the past couple days.

Step 1. When you start the demo, follow the hallway without interacting with anything. Pass through the door at the end of the hallway, at the bottom of the stairs, to trigger a loop. From now on we’ll call this the loop door.

Step 2. Follow the hallways and attempt to go down the stairway again. This time, the door should close, and you will hear noises behind you. Begin walking back to the starting point and the door on your left should rattle. This is the bathroom door. Peek inside the bathroom by staring into the creek and pressing R3 to zoom in. Prepare for a sudden scare. The stairway door should now be open. Proceed through the loop door.

Step 3. Walk down the hallway. When you turn the corner you should see a horrifying creature. Don’t worry, it won’t attack you… yet. Despite its presence, proceed down the hallway and enter the loop door.

Step 4. In this version of the hallway, when you turn the corner the bathroom door should open. Head inside the room and you will see a flashlight. Pick it up by looking at it and pressing R3 to zoom in. You will immediately hear a baby cry. You will notice a sink to your left with a baby fetus in it. Look in the mirror above it to see the door open behind you. Exit the bathroom and enter the loop door.

Step 5. You will notice quite a few changes in the hallway this time around, many of which are unsettling. Head down the hallway to the table across from the front door where a radio and photos are located. You’ll notice that there’s a photo of a man with his wife. If you’ve seen it before, you’ll notice it is quite different this time around, particularly because it has ‘Gouge it out!’ written on it.  Locate where the X button is and press X on the controller while looking at it to unlock the stairway door. You may need to press R3 first. Enterr the loop door.

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Step 6. When walking down the hallway, look to your left and you’ll see the word ‘Hello!’ written on the inside of the wall. Your goal here is to look at this word, then head to where the text ‘I can hear them calling to me from’ is located next to the front door several times. Each time you go back and forth a letter will be removed from ‘Hello!’ and moved to the sentence at the front door. Once the message says ‘I can hear them calling to me from hell‘ (four total trips), stop moving back and forth. Enter the loop door.

Step 7. In this new version of the hallway, everything should appear red. Also, you will be moving insanely fast. To get out of this hall loop, look a painting on the floor just around the corner from the bathroom. Above it is a hole in the wall that connects to the hole in the shower wall. Peer into the hole by pressing R3, and hold it while listening to some audio. Once the dialog is complete, release R3 and a message will appear above the hole saying ‘No turning back now’. Enter the loop door.

Step 8. (optional) Your goal now is to locate six picture pieces for a photo of a lady in the hallway. You need to locate these pieces and zoom in on them with R3 to collect them. Here are their locations:

  • To the right of the teddy bear on the floor near the phone.
  • On the floor by the bottles that are directly in front of the digital clock table.
  • In the plant located to the right of the digital clock.
  • To the upper left of the bathroom door, just left of the protruding wall space.
  • On the right side of the stairway on the second step.
  • Open the options menu, and press R3.

Once you have all the pieces, the photo to the upper right of the phone should be complete. Pass through the loop door to enter the most controversial stage of the game.

Step 9. This last step is quite arbitrary, with Director Hideo Kojima stating at Gamescom that he expected it to take about a week for people to figure it out. However, we’ve managed to complete it several times on two different PS4s using the below methods.

In order to complete the final step, make sure you have a microphone plugged in. The earbud included with the PS4, a headset, or the PlayStation Camera will do. Now, listen for Lisa, the ghost. When you hear her presence, you need to follow her voice to locate her. Headphones are very helpful for this. Your goal is to stand as close as possible to her once she is no longer visible. If you run into her physical form, stop moving and try to make her move. She seems to usually be located at one of the first four locations mentioned in Step 8 above.

Once you are in her presence, say the name ‘Jarith’ into the microphone. If done correctly, and with a bit of luck, you should hear giggle from the baby in the bathroom. Stop moving once this happens. Soon, the controller will vibrate, followed by the phone ringing. Walk up to it and press R3 to hear a short dialog. Proceed through the loop door to see the final cutscene.

A quick note about this first method is the fact that no two interactions are like. In my latest completion, Lisa darted at me from the first hallway, and seemed to be located near the phone. When I stood at that location and spoke to her, she would continue to make noise. However, when I left the location her voice would stop. After revisiting the phone and speaking to her for about five minutes—I’m not exaggerating—I finally got the baby giggle trigger followed by a completion.

If you don’t want to use a microphone, or don’t have one, stare at the clock and wait for it to hit 0:00. While it’s making noise, take exactly 10 steps toward the phone—this may be awkward since the phone is rarely exactly 10 steps for you, so listen for your footsteps—before waiting for a giggle from the baby. You can alternatively start over by the radio and wait for the clock to ding, as that is precisely 10 steps from the phone. Once you hear a single giggle, walk to the fetus in the sink and you should hear a second giggle—this is the part that most people have trouble with, so keep trying if you don’t succeed. Don’t move for a few seconds. Your controller should then vibrate. When this occurs, don’t move. Soon, the phone will ring. Answer it by pressing R3 while facing it. After hearing some brief dialog, proceed through the loop door to see the final cutscene.

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If either of the two above methods don’t work for you, try entering the loop door to reset the sequence. Sometimes Lisa disappears from the hallway and can no longer be located.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any problems. Myself and other readers can try to assist you.