PS4 is Crushing Xbox One in Germany According to Official Sales Numbers


A big deal has been made of next-gen hardware sales, but for the most part we’ve only been given a look at how they are faring in North America and the UK. Thanks to Media Control GfK, today we get to see how they have sold during in Germany during the last nine months.

Media Control GfK has released its June 2014 LTD hardware figures. The totals are the following:

  • PlayStation 4: 540,000
  • Xbox One: 170,000
  • PlayStation 3: 4,200,000
  • Xbox 360: 2,100,000

GfK is regarded as the NPD Group equivalent for Europe, holding a strong reputation for accurate numbers. Even if they were off by 10% in favor of the Xbox One, the PS4 would be selling around triple what the Xbox One is managing.

Given that estimates place the PS4 at nine million units sold, Germany is responsible for about 6% of its worldwide sales. Meanwhile, Germany accounts for about 3.4% of the Xbox One’s five million sales.

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In Germany the PS4 is currently priced at 394,90 euros while the Xbox One without a Kinect is 373,17 euros, giving Microsoft a price advantage in the country. Despite this, no Xbox One hardware or software can be seen in the best-seller lists of Amazon or other online retailers.

As important as the first year is for console sales, anything can happen from here on out. The PS3 battled with a rough reputation and high price point for its first couple years on the market, but would go on to outsell the Xbox 360 worldwide. 

[Via: Borse Online]