PlayStation 4 Debuts in Japan Today, 3 Gameplay Trailers Released


It's been a long wait for Japanese consumers. Sony decided last year that it'd prioritize release of the PS4 around the world before sharing it with its homeland. As difficult as that wait has been, it's finally over.

The PS4 is officially out in Japan today. It goes without saying that it's a big deal for Sony given that's where it acquires more than 10% of its console sales from. Launch events are densely populated around Japan, particularly in Tokyo where the Sony headquarters is located.

PS4 pre-orders have been completely sold out, so Japanese gamers who didn't get their order in on-time will have to luck out with the limited quantity of unreserved stock.

Japan always goes bonkers for new PlayStation consoles. The country's wide social interest in electronics makes new hardware releases a feature for news outlets looking to show the thousands of PlayStation-hungry gamers standing in line for upward of 24 hours.

There are three new trailers Sony has released which are constructed entirely of gameplay footage from PS4 titles. Much of the footage is familiar, but there are a few titles exclusive to Japan that can be seen. These Japanese titles may come over to the West if enough interest is shown.

Check 'em out: