Grammys 2014 VIDEO: The Best Way to Watch The Awards



We're less than a week away from the 56th annual Grammy Awards ceremony, where Daft Punk & Stevie Wonder will team up together during the last big chance rock stars have to dress to the nines and pat each other on the back before the sweaty mess of festival season gets underway. 

CraveOnline is rockin' a full run of Grammy Awards 2014 coverage, and after discussing Jay Z's unearned 9 nominations we continue today with a video update detailing the best ways to watch the massive musical spectacle. Here's a hint: appointment television is dead. It makes no sense anymore to sit through 90 minutes of commercials in a three-hour broadcast. Instead, you should follow our live-tweeting coverage of the 2014 Grammys as they happen!

After we run down your best viewing options, Nash follows up with some ideas for what to do if you're in town on Grammy weekend, as well as some party-crashing ideas for the event.