Titanfall Controller for Xbox One Revealed and it Looks Beautiful [UPDATE: Major Nelson Vine]


Titanfall is arguably the most highly-anticipated game coming to the Xbox One this year, and so Microsoft is rightly capitalising on the hype by unveiling a wireless Titanfall controller to coincide with its release. 

Developer Respawn Entertainment's lead artist Joel Emslie said: "In a collaborative effort with the Xbox design team and the Respawn art department our goal was to create a controller that feels as if it is a piece of military spec hardware transported from the universe of Titanfall and into players' hands."

The suitably sleek looking controller will be available to purchase prior to Titanfall's release in North America on March 11th and Europe on March 13th. I'm not one to usually venture away from the standard-issue controllers, but this one looks so good that I might consider a purchase.

What do you think of the controller? As always, sound off in the comments section below.


Update: Major Nelson has posted a Vine for the controller, which can be seen below. Be sure to enable the audio for the full effect.