CES 2014: All 13 Upcoming Steam Machines Detailed with Specs, Prices, and Photos


After several years of development, Valve is putting the final touches on its release of Steam Machines, an ambitious new project that looks to bridge the gap between console and PC gaming. CES 2014's spectacle drew the attention of Valve, and they decided that it'd be a great to attend for the purpose of showing what Steam Machines not only look like, but what powers them.

Valve has won the support of 13 major PC brands for its hardware launch lineup. Names like Alienware and Gigabyte are mainstays in the PC gaming world, manufacturing some of the most powerful hardware packages available to consumers. They've pledged their investment of time and money to manufacture what they think a focused, consumer oriented gaming device should look like.

These 13 different Steam Machines not only look radically different from one another, but house different components. While Digital Storm aims to deliver a package that can run any game on ultra settings, albeit for a high dollar, iBuyPower has something that competes directly with the Xbox One at the same price point.

Below we have images, specs, and prices for the 13 Steam Machines that are scheduled to be available on launch day. Check them out: