Grammys 2014 VIDEO: Does Jay Z Deserve 9 Grammys This Year?

Grammys wk 2.Still002

Welcome to the next round of the Grammys 2014 event video series! While everyone's doing their last-minute gift-buying spazzing, we’re already packing the tricks up our sleeve for an even more kickass 2014, with wall-to-wall event coverage, amazing giveaways and more! January will be here in no time, and CraveOnline is kicking off our event coverage in the new year with a full run of Grammy Awards 2014 coverage – the last big chance rock stars have to dress to the nines before the sweaty mess of festival season gets underway. 

In today's video update, Erin Darling leads us in as we discuss the perplexing nonsense of the fact that Jay Z tops the Grammy nominees with 9 nods, while his new record Magna Carta Holy Grail has failed to make much of an impact critically, culturally or otherwise. Hell, if it weren’t for the Samsung Galaxy phone tie-in with the album launch, there isn’t much likelihood that it would’ve sold nearly as well.

We also talk Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar and everybody’s favorite hobbit-lover, Kanye West, before Nash chimes in with some travel tips for those making the trek to Los Angeles for the event. Check it out below!

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