Xbox One Sells 1 Million Units in Less than 24 Hours, Sold Out at Most Retailers


Retailers have been saying that Xbox One pre-orders have been sold out for months, but what does that mean in terms of numbers? A lot according to Microsoft's day one figures.

Microsoft has announced that it's sold over one million Xbox One consoles in less than 24 hours. It launched 17 hours ago on the West Coast giving it ample time to go well beyond that if the units are available.

The Xbox One has quickly eclipsed the Xbox 360's figure of 330,000 units during its first month. Yes, that means the Xbox One has sold three times as much as the Xbox 360 did in more than four weeks. It didn't have the benefit of a worldwide launch, though.

Some thought that the challenges Xbox One faced before release would prevent it from achieving success. Not so fast. The Xbox One is quickly becoming an attractive option for gamers looking for some good exclusives to play and some new tech to play around with.

The PS4 similarly sold one million units in its first day, but this is just the beginning. Whether or not these consoles can deliver on their long-term promises will determine which can secure dominance in the market.