Ubisoft: GTA V Had No Impact on Watch Dogs’ Delay

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The delay of Watch Dogs has been cause for many assumptions made by gamers, namely that it may have been affected by Grand Theft Auto V's record breaking release. For the sake of preventing too much misinformation from spreading, Ubisoft have commented on the matter.

Communications Manager Gary Steinman posted the following comment on the Ubi Blog:

We respect GTAV quite a bit. It’s an incredible game. But this decision doesn’t have anything to do with any other game. The Watch Dogs team started work a few years ago with the vision to build the first truly next-gen new IP, which is a huge undertaking.

Steinman would precede this comment by stating that the game has been in development for five years and has huge ambitions, the kind of ambitions that Ubisoft hope will make it a new major franchise similar to Assassin's Creed.

While GTA V's influence has been denied, it likely had some form of impact. Watch Dogs clearly isn't ready for showtime this year, and would have looked a bit silly standing toe-to-toe with this generation's juggernaut if it had bugs or lacked polish.

Many consumers are still left wondering what will happen with their Watch Dogs PS4 bundle pre-order. The answer that concern is still unknown, but stay tuned for the verdict.