Did You Have GTA Online Problems? Then Rockstar is Compensating You


The launch of GTA Online was filled with a plethora of glitches and bugs, and Rockstar has been working around the clock to fix them. They're now also offering some compensation to their fans as an apology for the mode's shaky start, in the form of in-game cash.

Those who have played GTA Online in the month of October and who download patch 1.04 will receive $500,000 to spend on car upgrades, weapons, apartments and the like. The payments will be made in the form of two $250,000 deposits, so be sure to keep checking your bank balance after downloading the patch, which Rockstar is expecting will be the last update that will ensure players' game progress isn't lost.

We here at Crave Online have experienced more than our fair share of problems with Grand Theft Auto V's highly-anticipated online mode, with Gaming Editor Jonathan Leack making his frustrations abundantly clear, but this will maybe convince a few of those who gave up on GTA Online early to give it another chance. I've personally loved the time I've spent with the game when it's managed to work properly, but the number of bugs I've encountered has proven to be more than a little off-putting. As Rockstar continues to rectify its problems, though, I'm more than willing to hop back in to Los Santos with an extra $500,000 in my back pocket.