Exclusive EP Premiere: Stream Battleme’s ‘Weight On The Brain’


Battleme was formed in 2009 by Matt Drenik, who first came to recognition while fronting the Austin-based rock outfit Lions. The project serves as a solo creative outlet for Matt, who has since relocated to Portland, OR, and the sounds – which you've likely heard on the smash FX series "Sons of Anarchy" as well as "Chuck," "Criminal Minds" and more all lead to an upcoming EP, Weight On The Brain.

Weight On The Brain will launch Battleme into a new era for the band. Upon release, the focus on the band will shift heavily from a DIY-electronic outfit to a traditional rock band setup. Of the new approach, front man Matt Drenik, commonly known by the band’s namesake stated, “As we started playing together, we started riding a lot of the songs out. We'd write new instrumental parts to glue the songs together. And pretty soon, the live show started taking on a more aggressive tone that was allowing us to perform without being tied down to click tracks. It was a natural progression.” 

Now the project is ready for your ears, and CraveOnline is proud to present the exclusive premiere of both the EP and an EPK promoting the release. The 4 song EP will be released in both vinyl and digital form through El Camino Records. Check it out below!



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