Top 5 Funny and Awesome GTA V Videos


When it comes to goofing around in a virtual world, there is no substitute for Grand Theft Auto V. Its massive map is filled with opportunities for funny and awesome moments. There are bicycles, planes, weapons and hundreds of other toys to use at your heart's content. Naturally, it's the perfect place to record hilarious game footage.

We've compiled a list of some of the videos around the web that best show what the sandbox experience in GTA V is all about. See below.


FUNNY MOMENTS – Racing Fails, Driver Glitches, and Trees!

GTA V does not like this guy, but we do.


AWESOME – BMX Tricks and Stunts

Dave Mirra has arrived in Los Santos, and he has a sick bag of tricks, dude.


COOL – GTA V World in Motion

When you cut out the audio of pedestrians calling you an ***hole, Los Santos sure is beautiful.


KNEE SLAPPER – WWE’s Jim Ross Calls Massive Bodyslam

Don’t do it! DON’T DO IT! OHHHH!!


CLONE GLITCH – Get out of my house

Maids. Maids everywhere.


ONE EXTRA – Parallel parking like a boss

Totally intentional.