Top 5 Greatest Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs Ever

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its great Easter Eggs, and Grand Theft Auto V has proven to be no exception, with players having already discovered many of its secrets and broadcast them to the world over YouTube. 

But how does the latest GTA's Easter Eggs stack up to that of its predecessors'? We thought we'd compare them in this list of the top 5 greatest Grand Theft Auto easter eggs ever.


5. Bigfoot!

Ever since someone claimed to have stumbled across Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar has been plagued by fans asking them if the mythical creature exists in the game's world – this speculation led to them including a mission in the Red Dead Redemption DLC 'Undead Nightmare' where John Marston has to hunt and kill the ape-like creatures. However, in Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar has finally brought Bigfoot to the world of GTA, even if you can't really see its face and it only appears for a split-second.

4. The Graffiti Wall

With each new iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series, we're always left wondering what happened to the previous game's protagonists. This wall in Grand Theft Auto IV is scrawled with graffiti that seems to tell us the fates of our old anti-heroes, and if it is to be believed, it seems that few of them lived happily ever after.

3. No Country for Old Men Car Scene

Rockstar are no strangers to paying tribute to Hollywood (see the entry below), and in Grand Theft Auto V they recreated the opening scene from No Country For Old Men almost perfectly in the middle of the desert. Walking past the dead and dying drug dealers left scattered by their cars, the player can then pick up the briefcase full of cash that Josh Brolin stole in the film. Thankfully, Javier Bardem is nowhere to be found.


2. The Scarface Room

Rockstar wore their hearts on their sleeves when it came to the influences behind Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, with legendary gangster movie Scarface clearly having played a huge part in shaping Tommy Vercetti's story. The game was filled with nods to the film, but none were more obvious than 'Apartment 3D', a hidden area which contained a bloodied bathroom with more than a passing resemblance to the one Tony Montana's partner-in-crime Angel was dismembered in.

1. Frozen Alien

Grand Theft Auto V tops the list with this Easter Egg that can be found very early in the game, at the tail-end of its prologue. Ignoring that helpful little map in the bottom left of your screen during the middle of the police chase and veering off into the icy river below you will reveal a Xenomorph-like alien frozen in the water, proving aliens really do exist in GTA's world.