Exclusive Premiere: Mickey Avalon’s ‘Hollywood’ Gives The West Side a New Anthem

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon, Hollywood's undisputed poster boy for dirty sex-glam party anthems, has turned the spotlight on his hometown in a new track celebrating a side of Tinseltown you're not going to see on a sound stage – and CraveOnline's got your exclusive premiere!

Called "Hollywood," the leisure-grind track is the lead single from Mickey's new EP I Get Even, which comes out October 1st via Mickey's own label Rag Top Records. If you got on board with "So Rich, So Pretty" or "Jane Fonda" back in the day, this will be right up your alley – which, if you didn't know, is the alley behind the strip club where Mr. Avalon is quite likely doing all kinds of dirty things to the ladies as we speak.

Mickey explains his inspiration for the song:

"When I heard Jay Z and Alicia Keys' song about New York, I knew I wanted to write one about where I came from. I could've done a song about Los Angeles, since that's where I was born and raised, but Hollywood is a loaded word, that has a lot more meaning than just a town. As a kid, me and my dad would walk up and down Hollywood Blvd, and now, as a musician, I'd say, I'm part of the industry of Hollywood. I hit up my boy Paul Oakenfold to produce the song, and told him my idea. I went into his studio, and he had nailed the beat, and then I just started writing all the imagery that I could come up with, about Hollywood. I hope you like it."

We don't hope you will – we know you will. This track is awesome. Check it out, exclusively on CraveOnline:


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