Wii U Sales Surpass 1 Million Units Sold in Japan After Pikmin 3 Release


According to Media Create, the Wii U has just surpassed one-million units sold in Japan. The milestone was achieved after selling only 14,000 units during the week, a number less than one-fourth that of the 3DS during the same time frame.

In regards to software, Pikmin 3 sold 121,233 units during the week coming in at third place behind two 3DS games: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Youkai Watch. Pikmin 3 is being referred to as a system seller in Japan with high critical acclaim and reliable sales. Needless to say, it shares a hand in the Wii U's recent success.

The Wii U might be struggling worldwide, but there's hope on the horizon. From now on blockbusters will be releasing at a regular interval including this year's Super Mario 3D World and Wonderful 101, neither of which will be available on any other platform. The console also has the advantage of affordability, with the PS4 and Xbox One offering more hardware at a higher price. When holiday season approaches and parents are looking for a sensible gift for their children, a price dropped $250 Wii U will be rather enticing.