Free Download: Childish Gambino Goes Kanye-Lite on ‘Centipede’



Mini Kanye is back! Donald Glover's been off the radar for a minute, giving some breathing room between the Community departure hype and his hip-hop alias Childish Gambino. It's been two years since his sizzling last full length Camp, and a year since his last mixtape Royalty. And now, he's returned with a solitary track that's got our full attention.

In keeping with the Gambino style, “Centipede” dives deep into Glover’s Kanye-copping flow with a more pop-baiting beat and "money" samples. The lyrical acrobatics are still intact, the "oh shit, rewind that" moments are still in plentitude. Listen & download at Childish Gambino's official Soundcloud and watch out for a dirty streak around the three minute mark, when shit gets fully crazy.


Photo: Johnny Firecloud