The PS4 Development Kit Has Been Uncovered


Ever wonder what the PlayStation 4 development kit looks like? Well, Gizmodo has gotten its hands on an image of the same PS4 that developers use to make games. Seen above, the image was supposedly taken at E3 and wasn't released until today.

You might notice that it looks an awful lot like a PC, and reasonably so. The PS4 is built on the same x86 architecture as gaming PCs, albeit with unified GDDR5 memory. Oh, and it can't be upgraded, but that's a big plus for those who love optimization.

You might also think it looks familiar. There's a good reason for that. See below:


What you see above is an image of what was called an early leaked image of the PS4. Many thought it was fake, but it turns out that it's completely legitimate. The official PS4 controller is a little different than seen above, while the console itself is a far departure from the sleek, black beast revealed at E3.