Super Meat Boy Ripoff Seeks Funding, Is Super Cheesy [UPDATE]


Update: The game has been pulled from Indiegogo.

You can tell when a game developer does a great job by how future games borrow from its ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes the inspired go well beyond the definition of borrowing.

A game titled Super Cheese Boy is seeking funds from crowd-source funding sites such as Indiegogo. Its UK-based indie team says it has been working on "brilliant ideas for games", and its latest supposedly borrows from Kirby, Super Meat Boy, and Mario. If only that were the case. In case the game's title didn't give it away, it's an unrestrained knock off of the award-winning platformer Super Meat Boy. Everything from the presentational style to the game mechanics are sheer robbery.

Check out the trailer below for all the proof you need:

Hey, at least its development team promises improved visuals in the future!

It's unlikely that Super Cheese Boy will find the tens of thousands of dollars that it's looking for, or at least we can hope.