There’s a Petition to Bring DRM Back to Xbox One


Microsoft's initial decision to make the Xbox One a DRM machine was quickly met with disdain. Consumers weren't happy that game trading was to be mandated, or that a daily internet check-in would be required to play all games, even singleplayer. As significant as the backlash was, it didn't encompass everyone, so when Microsoft did a 180 on its DRM policies not everyone was celebrating.

A petition has found its way to which calls for Microsoft to bring DRM back to the Xbox One. The petition starter argues that the original design was the "future of entertainment" and that consumers were "uninformed" when raising hell against it.

At present there are over 1,800 supporters of the petition with hundreds more signing every hour.

One perk that has been lost with Microsoft's recent policy changes was family sharing which allowed quick and easy access of games between up to 10 family members. Despite this, being able to play the console without restriction and having access to traditional game trading has outweighed the loss for most consumers.

It's unlikely that Microsoft will be willing to do yet another reversal for the Xbox One, especially after the praise it recently received. Furthermore, this petition may be falling on deaf ears.