5 Funny Responses to the Xbox One Reveal

So, the Xbox One reveal presentation was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it? We certainly thought so, with both myself and Crave's Gaming Editor Erik Norris offering our takes on what went wrong with Microsoft's much-hyped press conference. But we're not the only ones on the internet who were disappointed with what we saw – here are 5 other funny responses to the debacle.

What's in the (X)box?


Well Microsoft have certainly got one of the seven sins covered.


The Obligatory Supercut

So… can we watch TV on it?


The reveal in graph form


The Xbox One presentation may have revealed that Microsoft is trying to pilfer you of your hard-earned money whilst offering you little in return, but at least we got to see an Alsatian in a spandex one-piece. (Via ExplosiveAlan.com)


Meanwhile, in Japan…

You could say that the Xbox One presentation hit rock bottom… Bikini rock Bottom*.

*But you wouldn't say that because that would be a really dumb thing to say.


"You've seen dogs jump out of car windows before… but never like this."


No dogs were motion-captured in the making of this GIF.